The ZIPARC range of maintenance and surfacing alloys have been specially formulated as solutions to wear and industrial maintenance problems. Apart from saving downtime, the need  for carrying an inventory of expensive spare parts is minimised. These products are also extensively used to extend the life of critical components. 
 ZIPARC Series  
 Product Description 

  FE 01 CI Economic non-machinable electrode for welding cast iron. 
  FE 01 E Electrode for joining medium /high-tensile, structural steels. 
  SS 10 E Fully austenitic heat-resistant alloy electrode.
  SS 11 E Cost-effective electrode for 19Cr-10Ni stainless steels. 
  SS 12 E An economical electrode for austenitic manganese steels.
  SS 13 E Electrode for high resistance to heat and corrosion. 
  HF 60 E An economical chromium-iron highly alloyed electrode for good abrasion resistance.
  HF 61 E Hardfacing electrode with extreme abrasion-resistance.
  HF 62 E Special austenitic manganese steel electrode.
  HF 63 E Electrode for tough and wear – resistant surfacing alloy deposit. 
  HF 64 E Highly wear resistant, tough surfacing electrode. 
  CG 70 E Cost-effective electrode for oxygen-less cutting. 
  SA 80 E An economical electrode for high strength and extreme crack resistance.
  SA 81 E Crack-resistant nickel-iron electrode for welding of all types of machinable low alloy and unalloyed cast irons.

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