Product Range Description
Flat Screw Drivers
The blade is made from high grade Silicon – Manganese steel which no other make uses. This steel gives spring effect also. The blade is differently hardened and tempered to resist wear, bending and meet high torque requirement. Other makes offer same hardness through out the length of the blade, which is not scientific.Hardness on tip : 55 to 58 HRC. Other makes offer much less hardness on tip. Higher the hardness higher is wear resistance.The blade tip is magnetised to lift small screw etc.from confined spaces or to hold the the screw in position.
Insulated Screw Drivers
Philips Screw Drivers
Stubby Screw Drivers
Two-in-one Stubby Screw Drivers
Two-in-one Screw Drivers
Torx Screw Drivers
The blade is made from high grade silicon manganese steel. It is full hardened & tempered withstand high torque requirements and magnetized to lift screws etc. from confined spares or to hold screw in position. It is also effectively protected against corrosion by Nickel Chrome plating.
Striking Screw Drivers
Poker Screw Drivers
Precision Screw Driver Set
Screw Driver Sets
Screw Driver Sets with Neon Bulbs
Line Testers
Generally Conforming to IS 5579-1985
TAPARIA® Line Tester has high quality blade and cellulose acetate plastic Handle.Fully insulated blade ensures shock proof working. Distinct glow of Neon lamp identifies line ‘live’. Features a clip for safe carrying in pocket. Available in several sizes.
Multipurpose Digital Line Tester
To Measure 12V to 220V AC and DC Voltage. To locate break point of an insulated wire. To check flow of current in an insulated wire from outside.
Three in one Tester
Consists of a TAPARIA® Line Tester and an easily attachable extension cord with a Test Probe. Easily checks ‘live’ or Neutral wire, continuity or break in circuit. Identifies two different phases. Ideal for domestic use. In phase line where board is open lamp hold will not work at 440 V bulb will be damaged where as 3 in 1 tester will indicate this different phase of 440 V by glowing more brightly.If we get phase from one wire and at the other end bulb does not glow indicate wires are from same phase.
Screw Driver Kits (Hanging Pouch)
Screw Driver Kits (Blister Packaging)
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