Product Description
Combination Pliers
Generally Conforming to IS 6149-1984 Grade II
The Pliers made from high grade Steel, forged and differentially heat treated to give best performance. Fully insulated with quality plastic material sleeves ensures safe electrical working.
It has excellent wire cutting ability for soft and hard wires. Available with fully polished head or Black phosphated and bright polished head
Long Nose Pliers
Generally Conforming to IS 3552-1989
Features accurately machined and heat treated jaws. Holds very thin wires and cuts fine wires with ease.
Bent Nose Pliers (Econ)
Generally Conforming to IS 3552-1989
Side Cutting Pliers
Generally Conforming to IS 4378-1990
Diagonal cutting edges, precision matched to optimum angle ensure long life for cutting hard and soft wires.
Cutting edges are sharp and precision machined to appropriate angle to cut thick and thin wires neatly with ease.
Circlip Pliers
Circle Nose Pliers (Econ)
Generally Conforming to IS 4095-1991
Grove type locking design to provide strength and wear resistance. Diamond profile formed with combination of flat and serrations enables holding both round as well as flat surfaces firmly. Jaws design enables use in any position and in confirmed spaces.
Tower Pincers
Water Pump Pliers
Generally Conforming to IS 6118-1991
Made out of high quality Steel, forged and accurately machined to hold circlips from 12 mm to 60 mm. Correctly shaped jaws grips circlips without the danger of flying out. Available in straight and bent version.
Vice Grip Pliers
Slip Joint Pliers
Generally Conforming to IS 13323-1992
Drain Trap Pliers (Econ)
Wire Stripping Pliers 6″ (Econ)
Generally Conforming to IS 5087-1969
Fencing Pliers 10.5″ (Econ)
Generally Conforming to IS 5067-1969
End Wire Stripping Pliers (Econ)
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