These performance proven alloys are front-runners in maintenance and reclamation of vital machinery components. LH-ALLOY products meet stringent customer specifications and perform under severe work environments.

LH-ALLOY products have been meeting the maintenance and reclamation needs of a wide range of end-users. Technological back-up helps in the reduction of down time, spare part inventories and replacement related costs.

Stainless Steels
Cast Irons
Copper and Copper Alloys
Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys
Nickel and Nickel Alloys
Hardfacing Alloys
Cutting and Gouging Alloys
Special Electrodes 


 Product Description 
 LH 100 An all position contact electrode for high productivity welding of mild steel. 
 LH 103 A contact electrode for speedy, all-position welding of mild steel. 
 LH 104 Electrode for medium-tensile, ductile steel welds. 
 LH 105 LMP Electrode for low and medium carbon steels as well as for medium tensile steels. 
 LH 1105 Hydrogen controlled electrode with good ductility and creep resistance. 
 LH 106 Electrode for high strength and extreme crack resistance. 
 LH 106 SMP Austeno-ferritic electrode with excellent ductility and high tensile strength. 
 LH 1061 Austeno-ferritic, highly crack-resistant electrode having high tensile strength. 
 LH 1106 Austeno-ferritic electrode for high strength crack-resistant welds. 
 LH 107 Electrode for high resistance to heat and corrosion. 
 LH 108 Electrode for austenitic manganese steels. 
 LH 1080 Electrode for austenitic manganese steels. 
 LH 109 Electrode for joining SS to carbon steel and for depositing SS overlays. 

Stainless Steels 

 Product Description

  LH 124 Austenitic stainless steel electrode. 
  LH 1124 A new generation austenitic stainless steel electrode with special features.
  LH 125 Austenitic acid-resistant electrode. 
  LH 1125 A new generation austenitic stainless steel electrode with special features. 
  LH 126 Fully austenitic heat-resistant alloy electrode. 
  LH 126 HC For HK 20, HK 40 and similar heat-resistant alloys. 
  LH 127 Electrode for welding and surfacing of 13% chromium steel. 
  LH 1270 Ferritic stainless-steel for excellent resistance to cavitation and erosion.
  LH 128 Austenitic-ferritic electrode for welding high alloy and unalloyed steels. 
  LH 128 B For welding of all steels, machinery components and bearing areas.
  LH 128 S For welding of sugar mill rolls, machinery components and bearing areas. 
  LH 1128 Austeno-ferritic electrode for welding dissimilar steels.
  LH 1281 For welding stainless steel containing molybdenum.



Cast Irons 

Product Description

 LH 111 Electrode with special coating for welding of cast irons.
 LH 113 N Specially designed electrode for cold welding of cast iron with good machinability 
 LH 114 Outstanding electrode for nodular and grey cast irons. 
 LH 115 Electrode for cold welding of cast irons. 
 LH 1115 Electrode for cold welding of all grades of cast irons. 
 LH 117 Economic non-mechinable ferrous electrode for welding cast irons. 
 LH 118 Extremely crack-resistant and economical electrode. 
 LH 119 Extremely crack-resistant nickel iron alloy electrode for welding cast irons.
 LH 1119 Crack-resistant nickel-iron alloy electrode for welding of cast irons.

Copper and Copper Alloys 

Product Description

 LH 102 F Flexible coated nickel bronze alloy with high strength.
 LH 200 Deoxidised copper filler rod. 
 LH 206 Electrode for welding of copper. 
 LH 210 SF Flexible coated special brass brazing alloy with good strength. 
 LH 214 AC Tin-bronze electrode. 
 LH 214 DC  Tin-bronze electrode. 
 LH 2140 Excellent weldability on bronze.
 LH 215 Aluminium bronze electrode.  

 Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys

 Product Description

 LH 409 Electrode for welding aluminium.

 Nickel and Nickel Alloys   

 Product Description

 LH 501 Electrode for welding of pure nickel. 
 LH 511 Electrode for copper-nickel alloys. 
 LH 512 Copper-nickel coated electrode, seawater-resistant. 
 LH 521 Ni-Cr-Fe basic coated electrode. 
 LH 521 A Molybdenum bearing electrode for cold, tough and heat-resistant joints.

 Hardfacing Alloys  

 Product Description
 LH 700 F Flex coated wear-resistant bronze alloy. 
 LH 7071 Electrode for depositing fully austenitic weld metal with max. crack resistance. 
 LH 708 Hot work tool steel electrode. 
 LH 710 Electrode for tough and wear-resistant surfacing alloy deposit. 
 LH 710 BF Specially coated electrode for surfacing of dies and tools in forging industry. 
 LH 711 Highly wear-resistant, tough surfacing electrode. 
 LH 713 Special austenitic manganese steel electrode.
 LH 714 S High deposition manganese steel electrode.
 LH 7140 Extremely resistant to impact and pressure.
 LH 715 Electrode for surfacing of high speed steels.
 LH 717 Corrosion and oxidation-resistant surfacing and joining electrode.
 LH 717 S Joining and surfacing electrode for corrosion and oxidation resistance.
 LH 718 Electrode for abrasive and corrosive conditions even at elevated temperatures.
 LH 720 Surfacing electrode depositing chromium carbide.
 LH 721 Alloy containing tungsten carbides.
 LH 725 Surfacing electrode depositing chromium carbide.
 LH 7251 Surfacing electrode depositing chromium carbide with very high recovery
 LH 726 B Special cobalt-based alloys for surfacing plain carbon and alloy steels.
 LH 738 S ‘Spray’ type, extra high, wear-resistant electrode having complex carbides.
 LH 743 N Electrode with high chromium carbide content for hard surfacing deposits.
 LH 743 S Hard surfacing electrode with very high metal recovery.
 LH 7430 Excellent abrasion resistance.
 LH 745 S Surfacing electrode with exceptional hardness and abrasion resistance.
 LH 7450 Extremely resistant to abrasion at room and high temperatures.
 LH 7461 Highly abrasion-resistant, hardsurfacing electrode with very high metal recovery.

 Cutting and Gouging Alloys  

 Product Description
 LH 900 Electrode for grooving without oxygen. 
 LH 901 Electrode for cutting without oxygen.

 Special Electrodes  

 Product Description
 SPAC 0400 Electrode for welding of inconel 600 and similar nickel based composition alloys. 
 SPCI 0600 Electrode for high strength welding of nodular cast iron.
 SPCP 0010 Fully austenitic stainless steel electrode having nil ferrite content.
 SPCP 0500 Excellent corrosion-resistant austenitic stainless steel electrode.
 SPCP 2209 Stainless steel electrode for welding corrosion-resistant duplex stainless steels
 SPDF 0072 Electrode for joining high tensile armour grade steels, etc.
 SPDF 4800 Ultra low hydrogen electrode for welding of quenched and high tensile steels. 
 SPEM 0010 Electrode for high strength and extreme crack resistance. 
 SPFI 0100  For depositing low alloy weld metal on dies and high tensile steels. 
 SPFM 0090 Austenitic stainless steel electrode for resistance against corrosion. 
 SPFR 0070 Electrode for welding of all dissimilar types of steels. 
 SPHF 043 Chromium-iron type highly alloyed electrode for good abrasion resistance. 
 SPRW 0020  Carbon manganese steel electrode for welding mild steel and tensile steels.
 SPSP 0050 A nickel base super – alloy electrode.
 SPSS 038 Austenitic stainless steel electrode.
 SPZB 0080 General purpose electrode specially developed for fabrication and repairing.  

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