Product Description
Dial Indicator Series 1 Compact Type
Standard type compact dial indicator
Back Plunger Type Dial Indicator
The standard back plunger type is used in the position where the dial scale is difficult to read.
Compact type Dial Indicator
Compact type with a maximum scale frame diameter of 41mm
List of Dial Indicator
List of functions implemented in various models of dial indicators
Special Purpose Dial Indicator
Special purpose dial indicators including the adjustable hand type‚ double-face type‚ and peak hold type
Standard Type Dial Indicator (resolution: 0.001mm‚ 0.005mm)
Standard type with a scale frame diameter of 57mm
One-Revolution Dial Indicator
Pointer rotation is limited to one revolution or less to reduce a reading error.
Large Dial Type Digimatic Indicaor
Large dial type with a measuring range of 20mm or more
i-Checker – Inspection Machine for Indicator
Checker for inspecting the accuracy of indicators
Semi-auto measurement and auto measurement
Calibration Tester UDT
Tester for inspecting the accuracy of dial indicators
UDT-2 is used for indicators with a graduation of 0.01mm
UDT-103/105 is used for indicators with a graduation of 0.001mm
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