Product Application Product Features Size
  Used girding of flat surfaces & for rapid
stock removal operations of precision
grinding jobs.It is widely used production
as well as tool room grinding
Better stock removal and cooler cutting Straight / Taper cup Segments/Dish Wheel
100 * 50*31.75 MM
100*38.1*31.75 MM cup
150*80*25 MM seg.
152.4*12.7*31.75 MM dis
  A Process of grinding to include all outside grinding of round work even though the finished part is not always true cylinder Cylindrical grinding vary from fast stock removal to ultra smooth finish. The work may consist a special form grinding with the face of the wheel dressed to an angular shape. 300*25*76.2/127 MM
350*25*127 MM
350*40*127 MM PLAIN & ROS WHEEL 400*40*127 MM PLAIN & ROS WHEEL
  Used for conditioning of billet blooms, slabs and ingots in large & medium size slabs to remove defect such as s/f cracks, beam, pinholes etc. These wheels facilitate very high stock removal. Advantage of this operation are reduced cost & high productivity as compared to milling Size: 400*65*152.4 MM 400*50*152.4 MM 500*75*207.2 MM Grade: A 163,A143 AZA 103 TDR015
Where grinding component freely supported between a g/d wheel rotates at a lower speed than the grinding wheel Achievement of roundness within 70mm for dia 1.5 MM up to 13MM, S/f upto 15mm & concentricity of less than 5mm. Stock removal. 7–8mm per pass SIZE: 300*80*140 MM
500*200*304.8 MM
  Used for conditioning of billet blooms, slabs and ingots in large & medium size slabs to remove defect such as s/f cracks, beam, pinholes etc. These wheels facilitate very high stock removal. Advantage of this operation are reduced cost & high productivity as compared to milling Size: 400*65*152.4 MM
400*50*152.4 MM
500*75*207.2 MM
Grade: A 163,A143
AZA 103 TDR015
Honing is the finished of internal dimensions of auto mobile cylinder heads and other components when an excellent & accurate finish is rewired. Production of very high finish as high as 0.02um, on outside & inside diameters of components. It is used where friction is to be reduced to the barest minimum. As per customers requirements in square, rectangular or specially shaped sticks, blocks stones.
  Recommended for quick & heavy stock removals in wide range of application on M.S., carbon Steel & Low Alloy Steel. Special gain & bond combination gives optimum wheel life & an excellent & free cutting actions. Grade : Hi Cut, Agni, Cumizon, Hi-Carb. DC 100*4*16 MM
DC 125*5*22.23 MM
DC 125*7*22.23 MM
DC 180*5*22.23 MM
DC 180*7*22.23 MM
DC 230*7*22.23 MM
Used in General Engineering application Designed for fast material removal and exceptional cutting action. DC 100*4*16 MM
DC 100*6*16 MM
DC 125*6*22.23 MM
DC 180*6*22.23 MM
For cutting and back–gouging application Special bond systems ensures long wheel life and less operators fatigue. 63*2.5*9.53 MM
100*3*12.7/9.53 MM
180*3/4*22.23 MM
230*3*22.23 MM
300*3*25.4 MM
350*3*25.4 MM
400*3 & 4*25.4 MM
  A dresser which restores the form and surface of a grinding wheel and also vitally defines the efficiency a grinding operation. The CUMIDRESSER range of dresser are specifically designed to cater to diff. Application needs, eliminating inconsistencies in carats and sizes. It extend wheel life as well as maximise its grinding potential. Caret : 0.25 to 5.00
Single / Multi Point
As per customers requirements
  In achieving good finish & excellent finished products Metal working fluid reduce heat & deaning job surface of metal parts & grinding parts generated during grinding operation Cimclean
Cim Cod MB602
Cim Cod SIR
Cim Code D14
  CHAMAK is designed mfg. To cut hard granite, marble, kota, ceramic & other natural stones. These blades are designed to be free cutting and have a long life. Free cutting sharp diamond cutting edges, even diamond spread, perfectly balanced & strudy blade body. 55 MM, 105MM Mouding cutter Saw cutter.
  It used plywood, leather ind, wet sanding of high carbon steel strips & ceramic rollers in glazed tiles mfg. Kins, dry sanding polishing & chamfering of steel glasses. Fine finishing & polishing of metal hand and semi automatic applications where speed is less. It is used in light sanding of low tensile material to produce an uniform finish Width : 13MM to 600MM
Length : 10 to 50 MT.
  Sanding of plywood boards, polishing cones, die casting components to remove excess metal. Polishing & Chamfering glass edges, auto components, ziracalloy tubes & glass tubes. Easy to grid job. Time consumption is very less for replacement of belt. Very safe operation of grinding job. Production much faster than other operation. Maximum finishing & polishing can be taken. Popular Size : 50*2000MM
150*1220 MM
75*3500 MM
100*2500 MM
100*915 MM
Grit : 36 to 400 MM
  Used for weld removal in metal fabrication in Auto OEM’s body shops and Stainless Steel Industries. Premium electro-coated zirconia grains ensures faster rate of cut. Unique bond system results in burn free finish and longer life. 178*22.23 MM
Grit : 24,36,60
Ideal for heavy stock removal and finishing operation in Auto OEM,s body shops, General Engineering and Fabrication industries. Stronger grain matrix with special phenol heat resistant bond ensures longer disc life and excellent cutting action. 178*22.23 MM
125*22.23 MM
100*16 MM
  De-burring, cleaning & grinding of flat irregular surfaces, small diameter tubing & opening concave & convex surfaces. recessed areas on diff. metals Non –loading & non–dulling‚ bore maps adapt easily to the workpiece Dia : 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 MM
Thickness: 25, 40, 50, 75
Grit: 36 – 400
  Designed for the grinding dedurring & polishing work on large irregular surface in tool & mould making & difficult to reach area in machining housing. Fine avrasive flap fixed to a strong resilient central resin core and mounted on a spindle, these mops wear away evenly in use there by providing consistent finish and uniform rate of cut. Dia : 20 – 80 MM
Width : 20 – 50 MM
Grit : 30 – 400Length : 47 MM
  Used for dedurring & surface preparation in the fabrication industry Belts and discs in Also. Coarse medium and very fine grades to suit various applications. Disc: vel cro
Size: 4” ,5”, 7” (Dia)
Disc: Rdl on, quick changedisc
Size: ”, 3” (Dia)
Belts : Customised as per specifications.
  Back-up pads to support the grinding discs and properly distribute the grinding pressure to the work piece. Ultra light, high efficiency pads, with mounting system designed for fast easy disc changes Permits access to tight work area and contours without sacrificing disc support 5” psa
5” Velcro w/o holes
5” Velcro – 5 holes
5” Velcro – holes
  Find extension usages in final sanding & finding operation in the meatal working and wood working industries. The soft sanding surface of these backed Velcro discs reduces friction to a minimum and does not produce any ring or pad marks on the work, increasing productivity. 125 MM –5 holes, G60
125 MM – 5 holes, G80
125 MM –5 holes, G120
Grits: 60, 80
  Light de-burring or finishing of component shape or profile in fabrication and wood working industries. Mfg. By Compressing specially formulated non woven web together with a different resin and grain matrix making the product smear resistant for deburring and finishing according to the component shape 150*25*15.8 MM
150*50*15.8 MM
200*25*15.8 MM
200*50*15.8 MM
Popular sp: Very Fine
Hardness : 1,3, 5, 7
  Used for conditioning and surface preparation in fabrication, automobile, aerospace, hdloware, electronic, sanitary ware and wood working industries. Uniform grain distribution ensures consistent and controlled abrasives action. Open structure prevents dogging and dissipates heat better. Spring-Like feature enable it to conform to irregular shapes. 152*229 MM
Specification. Medium, Fine, Veryfine, Ultra Fine.
  Mounted Points have various range of application in die shop hat shop, fabrications, auto body mfg. tool room & sarghjl also used in textile mills, glass. Thickness removal of surplus stock from dies, moulds speedier, economical operation & better finished jobs. Size : 3 MM to 50 MM dia
Length : 6 MM to 50 MM
Spd : 3 MM, 3.18 MM
6 MM, 6.34 MM
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