TAPARIA Chisels are:-

• Made from high grade steel,forged and ground.

• Differential heat treatment for cutting edge,and striking end,ensure long life.

• Bright,blue,painted finish.

• Generally Conforming to IS 5663-1970.

Product Details Description
Flat Chisels
Drop forged from high grade carbon steel.Hardened & tempered to ensure best combination of hardness & toughness.Hardness : 55 – 57 HRC on cutting edge. 35 – 45 HRC on striking portion.The body is rounded for comfortable grip. Cutting edges are ground accurately to appropriate angle for metal cutting. Available in 150.0 mm, 200.0 mm,235.0 mm. .
Octagonal Chisels
Generally Conforming to IS 402-1990
Pneumatic Chisels
Generally Conforming to IS 7446-1987
Chisels with Rubber Grip
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