Perfect alignment of welding machines, consumables and technologies combined with our renowned application and process know-how provide the best solution for your requirements: A true and proven connection between people, products and technologies. The result is what we promise: Full Welding Solutions for Lasting Connections.

Stick Electrodes

Shielded metal arc welding with stick electrodes

TIG Rods

Gas shielded tungsten arc welding (GTAW)

Cored Wires

Joint welding with cored wires

MIG/MAG Solid Wires

Gas shielded metal arc welding (MIG/MAG process)

SAW fluxes

Submerged arc welding

Personal Protection

Safety Equipment for welders

Our maxim „Lasting Connections“ is basis of our actions. On one hand this reflected in our high quality products, services and solutions, which are being applied successfully globally, but even more so in the lasting relationships we have built with customers and partners globally.

With our international network of 43 sales companies and 12 production units around the globe, we are in close proximity to our customers and can offer our support for daily operational welding challenges. Our experienced welding engineers go, if necessary, into the deepest details of welding technology and are only satisfied once the optimum and most economical solution is found for the customer. This customer focus is also manifested in our research and development activities, which are clearly driven at Böhler Welding by specific industry- or customerrequirements. Cooperations with leading companies of various industries, universities and research institutes, as well as our parent company voestalpine of course, ensure that we continuously push the edge of innovation and this will allow us to guarantee the already expected lasting connections of highest quality well into the future.

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