3M™ Air-Powered Tools  

3M offers a range of quality air tools that are designed to optimize tool and abrasive performance – cutting, grinding, blending or finishing. The advanced design features of 3M abrasives and accessories increase operator comfort and balance each tool for superior results. All tools are backed by a 12 month warranty and backed by comprehensive servicing arrangements.


3M™ Air-Powered Two-Hand Random Orbital Sander 

Ergonomically designed grip and molded body enhances handling and robustness. Perfectly balanced low profile back-up pad for smooth operation. Choose the 3M™ Air-Powered Two-handed Random Orbital Sander for extra leverage and power for demanding applications 

3M™ Roloc™ Air-Powered Disc Sander 

3M™ Roloc™ Air-Powered Disc Sander is a high-output air motor that has a directional exhaust (360 degree). Ergonomically designed with a 97 degree head (vs. 90 degree), it has a comfortable holding position that ensures minimal effort to the wrist. 

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